Do you need equipment installed or repaired?
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Service Installation:

New electrical panel? Addition to the facility? Adding a backup generator to your business? Merit Electric has a dedicated team to manage any of your electrical installation needs.

Repair: Are you having issues with a circuit breaker tripping? Are lights flickering? Contact Merit Electric to resolve your issue.

Preventative Maintenance:

Program Management: At Merit Electric, we understand that no two customer’s needs are exactly the same. We work hand in hand with business owners and investors to customize programs that best suit each individual organization’s operational, fiscal, and sustainability goals. Our team first determines what strategies and objectives are suitable based on the needs and limitations of your business. We then are able to formulate a cohesive plan that allows us to monitor interconnected projects to ensure your ROI and timelines.

Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging is a technique for creating an image of a scene based on the invisible thermal radiation emitted from an object. This technology lends itself to detecting faults in a mechanical or electrical plant, but it is equally appropriate for the identification of hot spots in buildings, an essential requirement for all those involved in energy conservation.




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